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The people listed on this page are fully certified commercial divers who work as film technicians above water as well as below. Their skills and experience from countless hours on set is invaluable underwater. They work as a team with an uncanny ability to read the situation underwater and respond as if they were of one mind.
Although they call Vancouver home, they are always willing to travel to distant locations across the globe to get the shots you need.
Please refer to our Dive Safety Regulations for an explanation of underwater personnel requirements and union jurisdictions in Vancouver.
For more information on underwater filming get connected to Canada's most experienced underwater film unit coordinators, pre-rigging specialists, and professional safety divers at underwatercrew@yahoo.com


Specialty First Name Surname Phone Website
Camera Operator, DP Braden Haggerty 604-505-5822 http://www.majipictures.com/
Camera Operator, DP Pauline Heaton, csc 604 729-0233 watervisions.com
Camera Operator, DP Ian Seabrook, csc 604 729-0233 www.dorsalfin.net
Camera Operator - Documentaries Neil McDaniel 604 817-9309   www.bluerealmhd.com , www.NeilMcDaniel.com
Camera Assistant (Video), Video Playback Aiden Zanini 604-318-1718 www.leapmedia.ca
Camera Operator, Assistant Sacha Fassaert 604-732-4897
Dive Supervisor, Safety Diver Brenda Roszmann 604-816-4789 email  
Dive Supervisor, Safety Diver Bridget Strobl 604-723-5592 email
Dive Supervisor, Safety Diver, Instructor Jeff Bough  604 328-0115  email
Dive Supervisor, Safety Diver Jon Stephenson 604-818-2359  email
Safety Diver Pat McGillion 778 288-2505  email
Marine Coordinator Jason Crosby 604 838-9873  email
Underwater Lighting Technician David LeBlanc 604-723-5497  email
Underwater Lighting Technician Brendan Wilson 604-961-9243  email
U/W Lighting Technician, Generator Operator Patrick Moore 604-202-1159  email
Grip Diver, Safety Diver, Instructor Damon Faulkner 604 837-3483 email
Grip Diver, Safety Diver Jeff Hotte 604-762-6589 email
Underwater Key Grip, Key Rigging Grip Herb DeWaal 604-961-5428 Herb DeWaal imdb 
Safety Diver, Instructor Geoff Grognet 604 880-9908 email 
Safety Diver Mark Angus 778-549-4690 email 
SPFX Diver, Underwater SPFX Rigger Chris 'Crash' Bignell 604-805-7555  email
SPFX Diver, Underwater Lamp Op Greg Bray  604 932-7850  email
Certified Life Guard / Lamp Op Michael Parks 604-862-0232  email


 Underwater Film and HD Production Coordination

If your next project has underwater elements in it you can do yourself a huge favor by consulting with or hiring an underwater unit coordinator to make sure all the bases are covered. There are a lot of issues involved in successful underwater movie making that may not occur to many land-locked producers, production managers, and set designers. Proper planning, set construction and underwater unit management is essential for shooting professional underwater footage. We are here to help you. Expert help is one click away.



Please email your resume here if you are qualified to be listed on this page.
Sport divers interested in becoming certified for Occupational Diving in British Columbia are invited to contact Dive Safe International at (250) 287-3837 or







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