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 Underwater Filming Photo Gallery 4

Contact: Underwater photos from the feature film Whisper. Filming under fake ice presents unique challenges for the dive team. Safety divers must keep a very close eye on actors to determine when feigned panic for the camera becomes real. In the weeks before an underwater film project actors are carefully trained by Vancouver's safety divers to ensure that they are comfortable working in the underwater environment. Hazards such as surface ice, set pieces or environmental factors are identified and actors are fully trained until they are as professional underwater as their dive team. 





Camera Assistant Sacha Fassaert with the underwater slate

Overhead view of 'ice' cover

Lining up the shot under the ice

Safety Diver Jeff Bough positioning the actor

Sacha Fassaert determining focus marks 

Braden Haggerty rolling film





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All photographs on this page courtesy of  Sacha Fassaert